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The certificates tab is where you can add all the certificates that your products have (e.g. EU certified organic food, Fairtrade, NO GMO, etc.). Certificates can apply to locations, products or your company in general. The tab serves as an overview of all the certificates that you have added by clicking on the “add certificate” button in the top right corner. 

When adding a certificate, you need to upload an image (ideally the logo of the certificate), add a certification title as well as a short description which your customers will see. You can also add a "Document Number" and attach the original certificate as a PDF (e.g. digital certification confirmation).

In the certificate overview, you can sort your certificate list by name, issued date and expiry date both in ascending and descending order just by clicking on the column header.

You can also select multiple certificates, i.e. to delete them. 

Once created, you can assign the certificates to your product in the editor. 

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