The Product Journey

How to create it and use Steps and Locations


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The Product Journey is the heart of your product story. It is an animated map with information about every location in your supply chain and contains a title, images, and a description for every location.

In the image above, the title with the dark blue background are the steps of your supply chain. You can edit them by clicking on one of them. A popup will open with the different steps. You can edit the existing ones, change their order via drag and drop, or add new ones. Then apply then changes. 

You can add as many locations and connections between locations as you want to illustrate your product journey. When you click on a specific location, a popup will open where you can edit the information for an existing location.

When you added multiple locations. You can connect them within the location editor by choosing the source for each location, which is basically the location or supplier from which you receive the product at a given step.

A new location can be added by hovering over the columns. Click on the 'Plus' icon to add a location to your journey. You will then be asked if you want to create it from scratch or if you want to import it from the Supplier Library. 

When importing from the Supplier Library, a new screen opens where you can select it. If you do not want to import it by create a new one, you end up in the previous screen where you can enter the locations data manually.

You can always click the "Preview" button to see your interactive product journey in action. 

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