Content Block: Product Journey & Steps and Locations


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The Product Journey is the heart of your product story. It is an animated map with information about every location in your supply chain, e.g. for every individual supplier, production sight etc.

You can add as many locations or nodes as you want to illustrate your product journey. In the "Location" tab, you can assign a name and select the specific location via address. In case you do not have a specific address, you can just pinpoint locations on the map (for example if the farm you source your product from is rather remote). Moreover, you can indicate which nodes this location receives supplies or intermediary products from and which nodes it sends them to. Choosing multiple nodes are possible.

In addition to images, you can also embed videos to showcase what happens in a certain location of your supply chain. Images and other media are always attached to a specific location, where you can manage the attached media in the "Content" tab: 

Once you are happy with the nodes you have added, you can assign names to every step in your product's supply chain. Each step can contain as many nodes as you like. If you want to add additional nodes, this is done by clicking on the "+" sign on the right side.

You can always click the "Preview" button to see your interactive product journey in action. 

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