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Product Journey optimisation

Make sure you have added headings, texts, and images explaining the story of your product journey. Since consumers care about both the emotional story as well as credible insights into your product, we want you to make the most out of our transparency features. You can type in a heading for what each step in your supply chain actually stands for, as well as texts in which you explain further what happens in each of them. It’s important to use individual images and if desired videos) in the product journey to increase brand awareness and loyalty. If possible, we recommend high-quality images but if you have real images from the ground, quality comes second.

Integrate your Corporate Identity (CI)

Your customer knows your brand and associates you with it.

Therefore, be sure to use your own CI elements right from the start and ensure consistency within your brand, e. G. your own font and colours. Try to use good pictures that fit your actual appearance. This not only ensures a uniform look but also increases customers’ trust in your brand. 


Add our widget to your Webshop

If you don’t already use our webshop integration, check out this one-pager about the benefits of this feature.

Add Impact Claims to your widget

If you already use our webshop integration to communicate your product journeys, you can extend it even further by also including your impact claims in the webshop integration. Tell your customers not only the story of your products but also facts about them. This way you will increase customers’ trust because you are backing up the story with credible social and environmental claims.


Product journeys on your website

We want to give your consumers the possibility to not only see individual product informations in your webshop but also that your brand cares about transparency and sustainability. That’s what we developed the product slider for. It will show all your products with their product journeys. Explore an example here. Use this effective element prominently on your website to give your customers a better picture of your efforts in transparency. In this way, you strengthen the sustainability aspects of your brand identity right from the start with every product. 


QR code

Apart from having your QR code on the packaging of your products, you can also use it for your marketing material. If you have any events planned, such as fairs, pop-up stores etc, you can use the QR code on your marketing materials like banners so that your potential customers can immediately learn about your transparency efforts. It also helps to create an environment where they can ask questions about it or let you know what they would like to know more about. The latter helps you optimize the information you share with them on the seedtrace platform. Don’t forget to make sure that your QR code is big enough and easy to scan. It’s also important to ensure that your customers know what to expect before they scan the QR code.

Social media

You can promote the product journeys on your social media channels for example through Instagram posts with a link to the product journey. In the same light, you can utilize paid ads to promote such posts.


Announce your partnership with seedtrace in your newsletter and inform your customers and other stakeholders about your steps towards more transparent supply chains.

Giveaway (Social media contest)

Create a winning game around your product journey. To answer the contest question, people have to read and find some information in the product slider (or through the QR-Code or similar).

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