Supply chain transparency in e-commerce

A digital sustainability strategy using seedtrace


Last Update 2 years ago

While quite a lot has been written about sustainable shipping and packaging in e-commerce it's hard to find information about transparency in product origins and production processes in online shopping. This article is supposed to be a guide on how you can achieve greater transparency in you online shop using seedtrace.

Why care about transparency in e-commerce?

Many online shops nowadays focus on sustainability, be it green shipping, reducing package waste and using sustainable and recyclable materials for packaging. The logical continuation of this is to look at the social and ecological footprint of the products sold. While big brands like Nudie Jeans (see below) might have the budget and resources to build their custom solutions seedtrace makes it easy for you to include this with a few clicks.

Where to place transparency content

While it makes sense to have a custom page in your online shop just dedicated to your transparency strategy we recommend placing supply chain information where its most relevant: product detail pages. Customers make their buying decisions here, so it's crucial to supply them with the desired information. From our experience it makes the most sense to place supply chain information next to other detailed product information like size guides but clearly separated under e.g. "Transparency" or "Sustainability".

What kind of content to show?

The integrations seedtrace offers enable you to embed the dynamic product journey right into your online shop. This way you can make the journey of your product an experience for your customers - from seed to shelf.

Which online shop systems are supported?

We currently support Shopify and Woocommerce. If you need an integration for another shopping system please contact us!

You can install our official Shopify application from the Shopify app store. You can follow this guide for a fast and easy integration with seedtrace.

Our official Wordpress plugin is currently under review and will be available shortly. Until then you can contact us for a custom installation!

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