I want to tell the story of my product. Where do I get started?


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The seedtrace platform gives you all the tools you need to communicate the story of your product from seed to shelf to your customers. The platform consists of an overview of your products, a library of your uploaded media (images and videos), and an overview of any certificates you might have for your products. 

To start creating a new product: 

1. Click on the yellow button in the top left corner.

2. Assign a name and a unique URL to your product. Please note that the chosen URL and QR code cannot be changed once the product has been created.

3. Afterwards, you will find yourself on the product dashboard, which serves as a summary. You can see the percentage of completion, customer analytics, download the product-specific QR code and copy your product's unique URL. Using the QR code and the URL, users can access your product page, once you have published it.

On the left side, you can see the navigation menu. This help desk contains articles about every single item in the navigation menu with detailed instructions. 

You can read through the articles that are linked down below to find out more about the main elements of the seedtrace platform before diving deeper into the editor to bring your product's story to life using media, an interactive product journey, impact claims, certificates and feedback forms!

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