What are Product Overview and Product Dashboard and what information do they contain?


Last Update 10 ay önce

The "Product Overview" gives you a quick summary of all your products. You can see whether a product is already published (accessible via QR code and link), or whether the product is still a draft (not yet published). Moreover, you can manage your products, archive or delete them and get quick access to the "Analytics" by pressing a single button.

Clicking on a product brings you to the "Product Dashboard" of this specific product. 

The progress bar provides information about what steps are still missing in order to publish the product's page. 

On the Product Dashboard you will also find the QR code for that product, which can be printed on packaging or displayed on marketing material and contains a link to your product's page on the seedtrace platform. More information about the QR code can be found in the dedicated QR code article, linked down below.

To complete your product’s profile, you simply go to the editor.

To get to the editor, you can either...

...click on the "edit' button on the top right with the paint palette icon

...or click on "Editor" (second item in the sidebar)

Every single "Content Block" is discussed in detail (including instructions) in the Content Blocks Category.

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