Supplier library

What is it and how to use it?

Lukas Alberto Belck

Last Update setahun yang lalu

With the supplier library, you can manage everything about your supplier in one place. It also enables you to reuse supplier locations in your different product journeys and manage the information easily across all products. You can find it in the section "Suppliers" in the main menu.

How to use it?

On the "Supplier" section, click on "Add supplier". You will be requested to add a name and an optional logo to your new supplier.

After clicking "Save", you will be redirected to the "Suppliers" section. Click on your new supplier to be able to add locations and impact claims to it.

Click on "Add location" to create a new location that you can later use in the product journey of your products. A supplier can have multiple locations with multiple activities.

Now that you have created your supplier locations you can directly use them in your product journey. Go to the product journey in one of your products and click on "Add location" in the desired step (e.g. "Cultivation"). 

You will be prompted if you want to select from the supplier library or create new one. Click on "Select from supplier library" to be able to use the locations you previously created.

Select the location from the supplier you want to add to your product journey step and click on "Add".

Done! Now all changes you make to this supplier location in the supplier library will be applied to all your products that use this supplier location.

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