What is a QR code and what can I use it for?


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A Quick Response (QR) code is a machine-readable matrix barcode that can contain different types of information. On the seedtrace platform, we use QR codes to embed the link to a product page so that customers only need to scan the QR code with their phone and are automatically routed to your product page in their browser.

There are lots of great ways to engage your customers using QR codes: From integrating the QR code into your packaging designs, like Conflictfood does (more on that in the following paragraph), to using the QR code on marketing materials, like at our PeaceKitchen event.

Our customer surveys and market research has shown that QR codes increase customer engagement tremendously.

Best practices for QR code placement:

  • Tell customers what to expect when they scan. For example, “Scan me to see my journey” on fashion products or “Scan me to see the farm I come from / how I'm produced locally” for food.
  • Do not invert QR code colors: The background of your QR code should be in a lighter color than the foreground.
  • Pick QR code colors that make for a good contrast (e.g. black and white).
  • Keep some margins around the QR code and aim for a high resolution when printing.
  • Pay attention to sizing: QR codes that are too small might be inconvenient to scan.
  • In case you place an icon or logo in the center of the QR code, make sure it is not too large and test whether the QR code is still scannable.  

This is an example of packaging designed and used by Conflictfood, one of the first companies to use the seedtrace platform:

We have implemented a feature into our platform that lets you design QR codes on the spot including color schemes, logos, etc to assure brand consistency and keeping the designs within your corporate identity. You can do so by clicking on "Edit QR design".

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