Shopify integration setup guide

Learn how to add the seedtrace Transparency Plugin to your Shopify store

Florian Fischer

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Saving your seedtrace API key

In order to fetch transparency data you previously added in your seedtrace Business app, we need you to enter your seedtrace API key. An API key is an equivalent to a password, it is being used to authenticate you with seedtrace and retrieve the correct information. Since your API key is sensitive information, make sure to keep it private. You can always generate a new API key but you will have to save and validate it again in Shopify. In the seedtrace Business app, go to 'Settings' page and select the tab 'Integrations' or click on this link.

After successfully copying your API key, go back to you Shopify admin and enter the API key in the Setup Instructions. Click "Verify & Save" and you're ready to go!

Impact claims and Button type

In the Business app settings where you just copied the API key you can also find some configuration. Here you can choose which button you want to show on your webshop, see the example beside it.

A recently added feature are the impact claims, they can now also be added on your product page, by enabling the 'Display impact claims' they will be visible above the product journey button.

These settings can always be changed later and will be applied to your product page automatically.

Automatic widget installation

To display the seedtrace widget on your product detail pages you need to add a little piece of code to the respective template that renders your product detail page. For most themes this is called product-template.liquid. If you choose automatic installation, the seedtrace plugin will look for a place right underneath the checkout button and insert the widget there. 

Manual widget installation

You will have to install the seedtrace widget manually into your theme files if you meet one of the following conditions:

- You have customised your product-template.liquid and the automatic installation fails

- You are using a custom theme

- The template for your product detail pages is named differently than product-template.liquid

- You want to place the seedtrace widget at a place of your own choosing

Follow these steps to set up the seedtrace widget:

1. Copy the widget code from Setup Instructions

2. Go to Online Store

3. In your currently installed theme click Actions > Edit Code

4. Find your product-template.liquid

5. Locate the position you would like the seedtrace widget to appear.

6. Paste the widget code and hit save

The following screencast will show you exactly how to achieve this.

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